Types of Usage

High Quality Laser Marking for all Uses

The qualities of laser marking and engraving enable its application in a wide number of different usage areas. The need to permanently mark an item can be driven by a number of reasons and dictated by internal and external factors. It may be necessary to provide traceability of industrial components, record the provenance of manufactured goods, or highlight critical user information on machinery.

Our experience in the industry enables us to support you with delivering precision laser marking to suit the needs of your project, whether it’s the simplest of tasks, or the most challenging of briefs.

The Benefits are Significant

The beams used are extremely powerful, reliable, and controllable and even the smallest and most complex designs can be clearly read by machines and the human eye, even if a magnifying glass isneeded. The laser process delivers exceptionally precise and high-quality results every time.

The application of laser marking and laser engraving offers safe and autonomous production, with no chemicals or additives required and the use of computerisation negating the need for manual operation. The additional benefits can also be felt in several areas.

Our specialist laser machines can produce outstanding results on almost any material. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and the options we can offer.

Productivity can be maintained at optimal levels using fast, effective technology.

Laser marking systems have low ongoing maintenance and running costs, so reduce the total cost of ownership compared to other marking techniques.

The adaptability of laser technology allows deep engraving on one element of an item, while fine marking can be applied elsewhere on the same item.

The absence of chemicals or inks in the laser process reduces waste and makes it environmentally friendly.

As laser marking is a contactless process, it can be seamlessly integrated into production environments with no impact on surrounding equipment.

Reduced energy consumption needed by laser technology lowers electricity costs and increases profitability.

Our specialist laser machines can produce outstanding results on almost any material. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and the options we can offer.

Please contact a member of our team to discuss the needs of your project and establish the best solution.


Techniques in laser marking and engraving are used to apply logos, barcodes, serial and batch numbers, and many other types of detail often required for packaging. The type of material can include plastics, paper or cardboard, wood, or metal and permanent, readable markings are an essential requirement.

Car Parts

Car parts can often transition though several different production and assembly environments before final installation into a vehicle, making it critical that their every move can be tracked. Safety is paramount, so key manufacturing data such as serial and batch numbers, manufacturing origin, and regulatory compliance must feature in a way that’s easy to access and read, and that won’t deteriorate.

Medical Equipment

The safe and clean process of laser marking is ideally suited to marking medical equipment, some of which may be used in surgical procedures or used by dentists in routine inspections. Traceability is a crucial element in the medical industry and maintaining the structural integrity of tools is paramount when applying permanent marking, making contactless lasers perfect.


Laser engraving is used to customise many types of jewellery to create unique designs or capture personalized text in the finest way possible. It is a long-established process for marking precious metals and stones to record their quality and authenticity and is increasingly used on jewellery made from high-quality plastics such as acrylic.

Component & Sub Assembly Parts

Applying permanent markings to component and sub-assembly parts using laser technology maintains easy identification for a variety of manufacturing or business applications. Components can be engraved with any combination of text, numbers, or symbols to aid in identifying data on its manufacturer or tracing its current whereabouts in the supply chain.

High Security Tamper Evident Labelling

Many industries have a requirement for security labelling to prevent or highlight tampering with specific components or items and laser marking enables the easy application of key information onto various materials commonly used in this area.


New product production rarely begins without one or more prototypes being made to validate material, dimensions, and other key variables. The characteristics of laser marking or engraving provide a cost-efficient way of applying quality, detailed marking to one-off items.

Control & Instrument Panels

Laser technology allows the application of functional inscriptions or legally mandated labelling with 100% clarity and precision onto a range of materials. Industries that have adopted the use of lasers into daily use include automotive, electronics, medical, and aerospace.

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