Images, Graphics, Logos, Icons & Text

Making Your Message Clear

Using laser marking, engraving, and etching to apply images, graphics, logos, icons, or text to an item allows you to make an indelible mark and capture your key message or picture in the finest detail and replicate it with 100% accuracy.

Applying company logos to promotional items to raise brand awareness of products and services.

Incorporating corporate identification on industrial machinery to provide key information.

Capturing critical safety information on machinery or electrical equipment.

Capturing graphics and icons on signage to convey key messages.

Adding bespoke detail to items to enable personalised gifts or company signage.

Businesses may be required to permanently mark items to enable tracking or meet regulations.

Making the Perfect Mark

Although similar, laser marking, laser engraving and laser etching have distinct differences, largely related to what each technique does to the marking surface. The principal difference between laser marking and laser engraving and laser etching is the former applies a mark at surface level, whereas engraving or etching removes a portion of material to leave a mark. The depth of the mark is what makes the two processes different, and this can be controlled, making laser engraving popular for creating logos, images, and graphics.

The ability to introduce colour on many substrates makes colour laser marking popular in several applications where it’s either desired or essential that text or icons be differentiated.

The application of high-powered lasers to apply your design is controlled by computers, making the process both consistent and precise. To turn your image or design into a work of art on the required material, the laser cuts lines on the surface and these lines combine to make shapes. The machine uses a vector file, which is a special type of image file and highlights the lines and shapes needed to create the graphic, logo, icon, or picture.

Capturing the Right Picture for You

Laser technology has developed into the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective process for leaving your permanent mark and we can deliver outstanding results on a range of materials, regardless of how complex the requirement. Images, graphics, and fonts can be replicated in high resolution to give permanent and attractive results every time.

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