Glass, Wood, Leather and Others

Glass, Wood, Leather & Other Materials

Laser marking and engraving allows any design, pattern, information, graphic, or number to be permanently applied without contact with the surface being marked, making it perfect for use on virtually any substrate.

Improving the Look of Wood

The strength, resistance and renewable properties of wood makes it a perfect material for high quality laser marking and engraving and its use across several industries continues to rise. Precision laser technology allows different applications, with each enhancing the value of the wood by enabling unique designs and customization without creating any wastage or wear and tear of machinery.

The types of wood suitable for laser marking and engraving include MDF, Plywood, Natural/real wood, Solid wood/timber, Cork, and Hardwood, with many popular applications.

Use Cases

Gifts and Promotional Items

Interior Design


Shop Fitting

Models (architectural, craft)


Arts & Crafts


Signage & Displays

Enriching Beautiful Leather

Laser technology has brought speed and simplicity to the permanent marking of a material that’s been decorated and transformed for centuries. Laser marking and engraving is an extremely precise process that can create elaborate patterns and designs and enhances the natural beauty of leather. Cutting-edge laser technology is widely used to mark leather in automotive, garment, promotional, and arts & crafts sectors among many others, with several types of leather material suitable for marking.

Raw Leather





Other Materials

The accuracy and simplicity of laser technology creates opportunities for its application to a huge variety of materials. It is cost-effective, sustainable, precise, flexible, and can be relied upon to deliver excellent results time and time again, making it an increasingly popular choice for marking needs on almost any surface.

Stone, Marble & Granite


Fabric & Textiles



Paper & Card

Our specialist laser machines can produce outstanding results on almost any material. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and the options we can offer.

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