Industries Using Laser Marking and Laser Engraving

The flexibility, convenience, and costs of laser marking, engraving, or etching means it is used in almost every industry. The variety of materials suited to the use of laser technology has seen it embraced by businesses and industries across the globe to the extent few organisations could function without its use on a daily basis.

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One of the major developments in the use of laser marking has been to improve the traceability of items. Incorporating barcodes, QR codes, serial and batch numbers, and other details allows the seamless tracking of items from their point of manufacture to the end user or application. International boundaries become insignificant, and a quick scan of the code delivers an instant and detailed account of where that particular item has travelled. The impact on supply chain efficiencies has been immeasurable.

In many instances the need for laser marking is stipulated by law, where an item must be permanently marked with specific information related to its origin, operation, or quality to allow its use. One reason for this is to preserve standards in safety, where component and sub assembly parts must adhere to strict levels of manufacture to be used in certain industries.

Many industries utilise laser marking for a variety of other purposes

The food and hospitality industry uses laser technology to create bespoke signage, menus and other promotional tools to help businesses differentiate themselves.

Point of sale manufacturers are frequent users of laser technology for the creation of innovative in-store displays to draw attention to specific products or services.

Permanent marking is required on small arms and ammunition to ensure full traceability and adherence to legal statutes, as well as to comply with compulsory registration of ownership.

Organisations in both the public and private sectors are increasingly engaging laser technology for creating ID cards and smart cards to combat fraud.

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Components can be employed in the harshest environments and require laser marking that’s incredibly durable and resistant to acids and chemicals. Precision instruments requiring scales, graphics, and company logos also need detailed and robust laser marking or engraving.


The need for marking parts in manufacturing is universal, with ease of identification and traceability a must. All types of machinery and other manufactured goods require permanent marking with part numbers, batch numbers, or other information that enable tracking throughout the full lifecycle.


The exchange of information needed in aerospace extends beyond identification and product history to include increasingly sophisticated laser marking to protect against counterfeit parts and industrial tampering, and to connect manufacture with maintenance without any degradation of component integrity.


To raise brand awareness and grow their customer base many companies invest in promotional gifts and giveaways permanently marked with their logo and company message. The lower operating costs and quick production times, in addition to the variety or materials available for laser marking, all contribute to the popularity in this sector.


Laser technology can permanently apply codes, product information, and other details onto the surface of tools without creating grooves that can harbour bacteria and preserving the sterility. The safety and quality of laser marking meets the industry standards needed to ensure the identification and traceability of medical devices and tools.


The variety of products in the defence industry is vast, incorporating everything from weapons to satellites, and cables to instrument display panels. The range of materials used is also significant and a stipulation of the market is that all materials are coded to guarantee traceability and the highlighting of critical information.


Precision laser marking that’s clean, safe, and repeatable is key to this industry where finite details are critical. The markings on equipment and devices can often be small, but the accuracy and clarity must be flawless and all component parts easy to identify.


Common applications for the commercial and leisure marine industry are ID plates, control panels, and wood furnishings and cabinetry. Identification and tracking information for parts is essential, as is a range of regulatory markings.

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