Code, QR, Barcode, Serial and Batch Numbers

Laser Precision for Security Codes, QR Codes, Barcodes, and Serial and Batch Numbers

The ability to trace components is critical to many industries and increased regulation regarding clearly legible product and part identification has placed greater emphasis on quality laser marking, laser engraving and laser etching. All three techniques deliver a permanent marking solution, satisfying regulatory requirements and allowing you to distinguish your product and components.

Numerous international guidelines and standards require the marking of products with numbers and codes to track their movement around the world. These markings allow items to be traced across the full supply chain and often must be applied in accordance with customer specifications or legal requirements, dictating the need to manage the costs of application. L Squared use the latest technology to ensure your laser marking and engraving is as cost-efficient as possible.

Security Codes

Security code laser marking, engraving, and etching is a crucial anti-counterfeit measure, applying a permanent code to an item that can be precise to the micrometre and won’t become blurred over time. The most common modern anti-counterfeiting technology uses QR codes and barcodes.


Quick Response (QR) codes are a type of barcode widely used to communicate information and can store URL’s or up to 4,000 characters of text. Our specialist QR laser marking, engraving and etching software enables QR codes to be applied to almost any material.

QR Codes

Barcode laser marking, engraving, and etching allow businesses to track items quickly and easily. Codes can contain a variety of manufacturing and product data and be applied to almost any product or material and laser technology ensures the integrity of the barcode will be maintained even in the harshest environments.

Serial & Batch Numbers

The medical, automotive, and electronic industries, among many others, require products, parts, devices, and individual components to be permanently traceable. Serial and batch number laser marking, engraving, and etching not only protects against forgery but it is also extremely resistant to thermal and mechanical stress, making it ideal for applying these types of unique identifiers.

Cost-Effective Permanent Marking

The use of lasers to permanently mark items with Security Codes, QR Codes, Barcodes, and Serial and Batch Numbers is particularly important in industries in which the traceability must be guaranteed for safety or technical reasons. However, in many cases, they are usually prescribed by law and so laser marking does not have any capacity to increase profits.

Our team of specialists can advise on the best solution to suit your needs and ensure the process is completed with precision and speed and for the lowest possible cost.

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