Laser engraving of medical equipment is increasing in its demand and industry regulations are getting tighter. Our service gives the low volume user the ability to give a permanent professional mark onto almost any medical component without compromising its ability to be sterilized.

The marks currently placed onto medical components by our skilled stall allows full traceability of products within a hospital / clinic environment. It also allows for fast identification of a specific tool or device ensuring the correct part is used for the correct job. We also have the privilege of placing graduated scales onto cochlea implants, thus allowing a surgeon the confidence of accurate positioning during surgery.

Due to the high accuracy and low stress and pressure levels placed on a component or device, laser engraving is the perfect solution for marking medical items; permanently and without damage including Ophthalmology knives, cranial screws, surgical trays, stethoscopes and virtually all surgical instruments.

Laser engraving allows for medical equipment to be marked with CE marks, hospital tracking data, dates and material codes. Surgical instruments can also be laser marked with information, leaving a smooth finish, which is vital within the medical environment.

Today, more hospitals are marking all their medical instruments using the new 2D or Data Matrix codes. This allows all items to be traced should they be lost or misplaced, saving time and resources.

All our lasers are computer controlled, ensuring an accurate, quality and cost effective permanent mark. This computer technology allows for serial numbers and data codes to be easily altered and made specific to tools, trays or departments within hospitals.

We are an ISO9001/2015 certified company, giving you peace of mind that our quality is of the highest standard.

For more information on medical engraving applications, or to find out how we can support your laser engraving requirements, please call 01462 816 623 or email