Laser engraving is the highly accurate, low stress method of placing a permanent mark to a specified area of a product, this allows for intricate and delicate components to be engraved without damage or distortion.

All our lasers are computer controlled, ensuring a high quality, cost effective permanent and repeatable part number, logo, serial number or data code is easily added to virtually any product from a highly sensitive sensor for an aircraft engine or a highly decorative toilet roll holder to simple part numbers onto screws or washers.

Traceability and component identification are critical aspects of manufacturing in the aerospace and engineering industry. Aerospace and automotive parts and components must be tracked throughout the manufacturing, sales, installation and useable life process, so having access to a way of placing a precise and permanent mark on components is a must for any manufacturer, repairer or service facility.

The engineering and aerospace industries often work in materials other than metal and so do we. Laminate material - black over white, red over yellow etc is often used in identity or rating plates as well as cases or control boxes. We can also engrave other materials such as PEEK, ABS, polycarbonate and carbon fibre.

Our years of experience and knowledge within the laser engraving industry enables us to offer you high end service, advice and support throughout our working relationship.

For more information on engineering and aerospace laser engraving applications, or to find out how we can support your specific laser engraving requirements, please call 01462 816 623 or email